Encanto ★★★½

Honestly very pleasantly surprised. This film has what a lot of recent Disney films have been lacking for me and that is charm. The characters are all pretty likable with understandable motives and are all fun to have on screen. The songs are pretty great too, they all have a ton of personality both musically and visually with the segments themselves. The animation is great with a lot of beautiful moments. The comedy is surprisingly not bad, it’s not hilarious but it gets the job done and I like that the film focuses on its drama more than it’s comedy. The drama itself is pretty well done with the exception of the ending which I’ll get to. The themes of trying to live up to expectations and trying to prove you are as good as everyone else while at the same time the people you are trying to be are suffering because they must be who society wants them to be are very well handled for a children’s animated film, even if when it began it felt a tad on the nose. Finally I like that their is no real villain or antagonist like most Disney films, it’s more of a film that focuses on drama between a set of characters and I kinda hope Disney does more of these in the future. I do have some negatives. Like I said I found the first few minutes to be very on the nose with what they were going for. I feel the ending wraps up too quickly, I get that it’s a kids movie so it can’t be too long, but I feel maybe giving characters more to do wouldn’t make it feel so quick and maybe also let us get to know the other characters more that they don’t explore all that much here. I have some other nitpicks but they don’t matter as much as the stuff I’ve already mentioned. Overall I found this to be a very nice breath of fresh air for Disney and I hope to see more like it in the future.

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