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  • Seven Footprints to Satan

    Seven Footprints to Satan


    One of the very last silent movies to be made and also one of the best.

    Incredibly fast paced production with a quasi-modern sensibility for its pulp fiction imagery.

    A would-be African explorer discovers that adventure is just a few steps away from his New York home when he together with his fiancee gets kidnapped and they are both forced to take part in black magic and satanic rituals in a vast mansion.

    The film is chockablock with pulpy tropes…

  • To Be Twenty

    To Be Twenty


    TO BE TWENTY is one of those Eurotrash movies that a) you can't imagine ever being made anymore and b) that are virtually impossible to properly review as there are so many different versions around. For starters there is Di Leo's original cut and the subsequent butchered version that deleted the original ending and swapped a number of scenes around; and then there is the issue of the Italian version apparently having different, more radical social messages in its dialogue…

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  • Kate



    This would have been much more enjoyable if it had contained even the tiniest smidgen of originality.

    The original concept of course goes way back to the original D.O.A. (1949) and has since been regurgitated at least half a dozen times.

    And as for the "shocking" reveal: I swear the moment the real culprit behind the poisoning showed up for the very first time in a scene I just knew what the plot twist would be and not because I spotted some mysterious clue but just by virtue of knowing how every damn production these days plots their stories.

  • Edge of the Axe

    Edge of the Axe


    When European directors come to America to direct a slasher their two male leads are total dicks, one of the girls wears a German sports top, a Catholic priest is one of the prominent members of the community and Jack Taylor occasionally sports his moustache in a predominantly silent role.

    Also features one of the strangest uses of computer equipment in movie history: That machine can singlehandedly do nothing and everything at all including provide really private patient data from medical institutions while also narrating the chat messages exchanged between two of the characters in a weirdly other-worldly tone of voice.

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  • Skyfall



    Agent gets shot, falls into water, wakes up at the coast where he drinks Heineken and shacks up with a local lass before getting back into business in a series of excellent, realistic action scenes. And this is now a move *back* from Bourne?

    I definitely liked the movie. I may eventually get to love it when I see it again away from the monkeys behind me who were chatting non-stop and kept on kicking our seats and Dad taking offense when I told his little rugrats to zip it because he wouldn't do it himself.

  • Hobgoblins



    Started Hooptober a few days late as I was away on a vacation so have a little bit of catch up to do.

    As my first entry this can slip into several categories (yay!) but the main one is clearly "The lowest rated film from the 80s that you can access".

    And, yes, this production is a stinker, no doubt. But actually not without its charms. The creatures sure are no Gremlins but with the right mind set some of…