The Kid

The Kid ★★★★½

Well, this is the last film I'm watching this year. 2020 was rough for us all, but I'm glad I got inspired by my love of cinema and watched a lot of movies, more this year than I had ever watched, I believe. I really want films to be part of the future of my life.

This is a sweet and charming film, with a short and heartfelt story that shows you a lot of what Chaplin was about to become. It's weird that I had never watched this film before, it's one of his most renowned movies and a fantastic first feature. My parents even have had a poster of this film in their house since I was a kid. It's a funny story and even the kind that'll make you cry, as the first title card announces. Loved all the comedy and the kid actor, he was fantastic for his age. May Charlie Chaplin's legacy live forever.

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