Scream ★★★★

I had a lot of fun with this one! I was really excited about it, but I also was super nervous because I wasn't sure if it would do justice to Wes and his geniality, but it was great!

Maybe sometimes it gets too expositional, some things are really heavy-handed (it was a nice surprise seeing Skeet, but that whole thing was unnecessary), and it loses some of the originals' heart in favor of the "meta-ness", but it really feels like a Scream movie and I loved it. The opening scene is great, and the directors really get this franchise, making the commentary on modern cinema and remakes just fantastic. The self-referentiality is present thorough, it works on a lot of levels and I really liked it, and the whole thing is just a great time, with amazing kills, good new cast members, and a fantastic homage to a great horror series.

Maybe there were too many references to Stab 1 (which will always be the best movie), but Neve Campbell will forever be my final girl.

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