Last Night in Soho

Last Night in Soho ★★★★

Halloween 2021 (8/31)

BIFF 2021 #2

It's amazing how haunting and disturbing this whole film feels. Edgar Wright perfectly crafts a story that takes us into a world of illusion and fantasy until it's all too late, and the horror just tears you apart.

The themes this movie explores are interesting and even unexpected, as we see the obsession with a different era slowly turn into complete madness, and it all feels like a chilling ghost story. Maybe a cautionary tale for time travelers, as each romantic scene, each song, each beautiful light transforms into a nightmare, with a horrible feeling of being locked in perpetual suffering, in terrifying abuse.

The horror is complemented with fantastic visuals, something that feels straight out of an acid trip with fantastic Giallo colors, and some disturbing imagery that merges into the plot as we go along. Both actresses are solid, but Anya Taylor-Joy is particularly perfect in her role: she's a great and haunting ghost taken from the 1960s.

It's a well-crafted homage to the genre with a lot of chilling elements and an engaging atmosphere; but the ending and the twist are what trouble me. The third act is not really as well handled and the movie starts to shake, and that's what makes me feel conflicted, but I won't say much for now.

Last Night in Soho can be seen as a warning to those who idealize the past while forgetting about the "ugly" side of history filled with pain, abuse, and horror, and it emphasizes how we need to recognize the victims of the past; despite the last part, I can appreciate what the film is doing.

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