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  • The Zone of Interest

    The Zone of Interest

    It's all pointless, isn't it?

    I went to a movie theater to see this film, a story on the horror of the Holocaust; there was popcorn, comfortable seats, there were a lot of people coming out of different movies and at the mall. Now I'm on Letterboxd, writing about it and maybe giving it a rating. And what for? Why watch a movie about the horrors that millions experienced sitting in a movie theater, something that could easily be forgotten…

  • Burning



    It's strange: the first time I watched this movie, almost four years ago, I rated it two stars... I think I was annoyed by the ambiguity and couldn't understand what it was trying to say, which was frustrating. I'm not sure what compelled me to rewatch it tonight, but I wanted to give it another chance, and it completely blew me away... it's such a visceral and nauseating film, so tragic, lingering slowly in the emotions and the silence; I'm…

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  • The Barber of Little Rock

    The Barber of Little Rock


    Sure, it's a bit standard and sappy sometimes, but I really liked this short film. I found it to be quite interesting and endearing.

    It's a look at the racial inequities in the business world and all the problems behind this while also highlighting a communal effort to solve this. It's a powerful short film, and even if it can feel repetitive, I think it's a very important topic, not shying away when injustice needs to be made, and finding solutions and a path forward.

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  • Ninety-Five Senses

    Ninety-Five Senses


    This one took me by surprise. It's lovely, using different animation styles throughout the short film, starting with a simple story told by an old man talking about his life, and using the 5 senses as a medium. But it takes a turn, and it transforms into something more poignant and unexpected. It's a reflection of life and the things we feel, the things we could've done differently, the moments that come too late... It's beautiful, and it really impacted…

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  • Encanto



    I'm Colombian, so this was one of my most expected releases ever since it was first announced, and I'm glad to say it was an absolute delight. It's lively, colorful, I loved all of the characters equally (although Luisa and Mirabel are my queens), and the music was nice and really authentic, even if it wasn't the highlight for me. It was refreshing to see a Disney movie that has some elements from the studio's classic formula with a story…

  • Nobody Knows

    Nobody Knows


    The suitcase you once traveled with, it's now buried under the dirt, filled with hopes and dreams. And those things you longed for are nowhere to be found because the childhood that seemed bright is long lost, there's no innocence anymore, and the world has consumed every spark in your home.

    And now, the red painting tarnishes the floor, the piano won't play anymore, and the plants will stop growing forever; the smiles, the games, the joy, they all seem…