Happiest Season

Happiest Season ★★★★

this was incredibly fun to watch. literally instant classic christmas film imo. the subtle, ironic, homophobic microagressions that were both extremely triggering yet also comedic? genius.

it's expertly set at christmas. abbey seeks to join harper's family yet their relationship deteriorates when abbey is essentially forced back into the closet to appease both harper and her family. it's a terrible situation, one less frequently explored on film. most, if not almost all, coming out stories are told from the perspective of the closeted protagonist, but this film takes that story and flips it as we watch harper disregard abbey's feelings of neglect as she's forced to conceal her identity that she was already living truthfully. it SUCKS because we can't blame harper but we also can't invalidate what abbey is experiencing.

however, the all-knowing gay male side character who delivers the lesson of the film via monologue in the last ten minutes was a little much. a good moral to hear nevertheless.

and also...also...please...the tension between kristen stewart and aubrey plaza please why didn't they kiss just one kiss is all we needed

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