Permanent Vacation

Permanent Vacation ★★½

There exists a certain kind of film that is, shall we say, meandering. This is one of those films.

What I really love about Permanent Vacation is, well, there are two things actually. The first is how much potential it shows. While I don't necessarily find this to be something I'd come back to often over the years, I do think it's a great start for a young Jarmusch. This movie tells me that somebody has arrived, somebody with something to say, with his own way to say it. I find that exciting.
The other thing I love is how much it feels like what it's about. The miniscule budget bleeds through into the production values, especially the sound. That didn't make it a better film per se, but it did add a certain quality that made the experience tolerable and even enjoyable.

Really, I guess I enjoyed this so much because it makes me so excited to see where Jarmusch goes with his style in his next films. Yes, this makes me very excited to see Stranger Than Paradise.

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