Scream ★★★★

I'm probably overrating this by a star, but I saw "Scream" in the middle of an empty theater (yet somehow still seated near two talkers), in a major US city that's starting to resemble a John Carpenter "Escape" movie, and I still had a lot of fun. Crucially, this 'rebootquel' feels like "Scream," even if it hints at two interesting threads it fails to fully explore, namely 1.) the increasing irrelevance of "Scream's" whodunnit slasher in an era of Elevated Horror that favors trauma and allegory over, you know, a good time; and 2.) how the idea of 'everyone's a suspect!' isn't just a gimmick or narrative hook in a contemporary culture defined by the superficial and fleeting nature of its relationships, defined by the notion that everyone has some cancel-worthy skeleton in the closet and we can never really know those closest to us.

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