Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★


You'll have trouble convincing me to watch any superhero film, honestly, and yet here we are. I sat down this morning and figured I'd stick on the three hour cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, fuck knows why.

Well, actually, I know why. I've had my mate Dom in my ear for the past year telling me it's the best non-indie since The Social Network. He's wrong, but he's not far wrong.

We must be watching different films, the universe and I - or maybe the theatrical cut was just that bad, who knows - but BvS is the best comic book film since Constantine. Maybe it's because it's gleefully lacking in the boring combat bravado that the Marvel universe is so aggressively drenched in? Maybe it's because it commands your attention, and ultimately deserves it? Maybe it's because it's got Amy Adams and Jena Malone in? Actually, no. It's because it dares to have a narrative.

It wants to be seen as a film, its own entity, rather than another instalment of the Superhero Cash Cow. No jaunty fights dripping with one-liners, no fourth-wall breaks, no pop-culture references. A thriller, a tale of two forces.

A superhero film only by virtue of its namesake, and thank god for that.

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