Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★★★

"Don’t take the ring, Laura."

A devastating tragedy where evil tortures the innocent and is shown at its most vile and monstrous. We’re subjected to Laura Palmer’s vision of horror as she falls from grace a little more every day, going from a degrading situation to another, as the evil is progressively killing her from the inside and she spirals down into a life of horrors. At the same time we see her ties with everyone she knows progressively deteriorating, Donna, James, Bobby, Sarah, Leland, Harold, revealing how terrible all of this is becoming, announcing the homecoming queen’s near dark fate.

We are dragged into witnessing Laura Palmer going through a traumatic event one after another suffering from violence and abuse from evil itself, coming back to hurt her and haunt her once again. Watching this film is truly soul crushing. Heartbreaking revelations are made, nightmares are lived, constantly feeling painfully confused, she tries to run away from her demons as well as she can, in vain. Because as she approaches this abandoned train wagon, it all becomes nothing short but clear, she’s living her last hours on this earth.

Where is Laura now? Gone. But she’s in the light now, she looks into the light and there she is, smiling. She is free. But what happened to her is gonna lead to years and years of suffering to the little town of Twin Peaks.

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