Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★

Reminds me a little bit of watching UNCUT GEMS, with how it seems like the culmination of the filmmakers work and style has arrived with an out-of-the-park resounding success. And like that one too, I don't know how these guys are gonna ever be able to top this one. Although I guess I'm just basing that feel on only SWISS ARMY MAN, THE DEATH OF DICK LONG and the "Turn Down For What" video, but it seems so thru-and-thru what I've seen of them dudes, polished to a high sheen. Like with the nice comic beats we get from Dierdre and the high arcing ass-first cannonball jumps onto 'Auditor of the Year' trophies n stuff. Fun and inventive with vivid visuals. Plus add in the heavy dose of heart that made SWISS ARMY MAN really work for me. Obviously Michelle Yeoh owns, but Ke Huy Quan's a GD revelation. Anytime the movie pummels you with the Yeoh stuff, just for Quan to slide in for a devastating sucker punch, he ends up nailing it every time. The martial arts action scenes are nice and fun, but if they could've been a few degrees more badass, you'd really have a powerhouse on your hands. It might lean a little bit on the candy side of the food pyramid, but it's a delicious treat and is still packing as much punch as most fancy steakhouse entrées.

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