Mirror ★★★½

Slightly eerie and slightly comforting. Felt a little lackluster in terms of emotion with me, and knowing that this (probably) is a “just feel it, don’t try to understand it” type movie, i was split on the feeling part. there are a handful of things that i liked and a few that i disliked, mainly the fact that i didn’t get emotional like a lot of people did watching this film. The most emotion I felt was during the hair washing scene and ending (love the use of “herr unser herrscher” this is my first tarkovsky film and wont be my last, i love the way he directs this film, it felt cold but in a comforting way. he has a very creative mind and my interest has piqued in his filmography, stalker next!

probably also wasnt the best that i saw this while sleepy, i may or may not give it a rewatch one day. 

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