Color Out of Space

Color Out of Space ★★★★★

Officially one of my favorite horror films and one of, if not the best lovecraftian film of all time. Words cant describe how dope the cosmic horror within this film is, I absolutely loved all the bonker ass scenes like the part where lavinia shows ward that weird funky world and the huge colored tornado, those moments solidified my love for this film.

It makes me wish there was more like this out there, budgeting seems to be the usual problem, as i can also notice that some of the visuals in this film are a little wonky. Yet, its still so fucking cool and doesn't hinder my enjoyment. I honestly dont find an issue with the length, but the pacing could've actually been quicker. I also would've liked a tad bit more body horror, especially since the body horror we DID get was really well done. The characters are honestly mid except for the hippie and nic cage, everyone else is quite boring. Lavinia seemed like she was pushed to have a more interesting character but i couldn't get behind her lol. At least we had nic cage go insane which was definitely a treat, he carried the films cast for sure.

All in all, super good movie and i will definitely rewatch. Not gonna lie, I am extremely biased towards films like this (Annihilation, beyond the black rainbow, nope, evangelion rebuilds, the lighthouse, the void, etc) where shit gets weird and wacky and moves away from the typical. I would kill for more like this.


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