Berserk: The Golden Age Arc III - The Advent

Berserk: The Golden Age Arc III - The Advent ★★★★★

The type of film to leave you speechless.

This is the conclusion to the surprisingly good and somewhat faithful film trilogy adaptation of the Berserk Golden Age Arc. This one is of course the best out of the three and you can tell studio khara went in hard for this one, the direction for this is INSANE. And although theres quite a handful of things left out from the manga, this is still a very enjoyable trilogy / final film. I got chills throughout and felt the same as i did when i read the Golden Age arc.

The entire Eclipse sequence is perfection, and it’s definitely what I was expecting if the Eclipse was shown in an anime. (My only complaint was that it was purple, dunno why it was purple lol. It should’ve been red but its not that big of a deal). The griffith and casca scene is so heartbreaking and difficult to watch, the music added to it a lot and Guts looked so visceral and animalistic it was just perfect. The voice acting was also so fucking good. This sequence was truly terrifying and gut wrenching, definitely executed well.

The animation itself shines during the Eclipse, the CG is used how its supposed to be and blends in with the 2D very well. There are many gorgeous scenes in this film with both 2D and CG. The OST is also fucking insanely good, Shiro Sagisu put his damn soul into the ost and made the Eclipse have a perfect sound to it, i wish it was available on spotify! 

Id also like to add that the Godhand and Skull Knight entrances are so fucking good lol, Skull Knight is such a dope ass character and honestly my fav side character in the manga. The Godhands entrance was so grandiose and perfectly done, you can tell those fuckers are just insanely powerful and done some bad shit.

All in all, its a great film in a good trilogy. Its what i was expecting and it isnt perfect but thats okay. Id imagine trying to adapt something as incredible as Berserk would be very difficult but i believe they did a solid job. Im glad the Eclipse wasnt a letdown, it was very very good! I just wish the 2016 anime was as good as this lol, but maybe we’ll get a faithful adaptation one day.

Fuck Griffith

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