All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front ★★★★★

Nearly had me in tears, this film is very emotional and pulls your heart strings. It also reminds me that war is always devastating, and there are never any winners in war. Nothing good comes out of it. This shit just crushes my soul. 

The film is also very gorgeous, so many beautiful shots are in this film and the quality is insane. It somehow captures the horrors of war and beauty of nature while intertwining them together. The soundtrack is often haunting and somber, definitely gonna check out the OST. The acting is also very very good. Felix Kammerer did an exceptional job portraying Paul Baumers tragic journey during the war, theres a specific scene where his acting almost made me cry. The supporting cast was also very impressive!

Films about war never fail to kill me and leave me speechless, this was an incredible film. 2022 strikes yet again with another phenomenal film. Easily one of the best films of this year! Gonna have to check out the 1930’s version soon. 

zemo from civil war lol.

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