LEGO: The Adventures of Clutch Powers

LEGO: The Adventures of Clutch Powers ★★★★★

Few things have touched me like LEGO: The Adventures of Clutch Powers, obviously one of yeh greatest films of the 2010’s and of all time and was OBVIOUSLY snubbed by the Oscar’s that never actually even watched it if you ask me, because their untasteful faces would’ve melted like that scene in Indiana Jones.

Anyway our film opens on Clutch Powers the epic badass known all across Lego city, he’s beating up rocks to sell Lego to kids, which is a common theme in this masterpiece film. After Clutches adventures down under it’s found out that he’s going to space (the opposite of underground) this is to show us that for this film Clutch is out of his comfort zone for this film this is also shown by Clutch having a team following him this angers Clutch because he often works alone.

Once in space Clutch finds WKW who agrees to make the new clutch powers movie or something but Clutch gets mad and punch’s him in the hand after that a man called Otto ottos a man and then clutch can get some more 300 dollars of beanie babies and (to his shock) that fat guy from puss and boots buys them off of him and clutch gets a full 300 dollars which he uses to fund walter whites cancer treatment preventing the events of breaking bad clatch then walks into the meth lab and bleeds out from his wounds. And this masterpiece concludes… wow never have a masterpiece masterpieced this hard it’s true.

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