11 Movies That Inspired Matt Reeves’s The Batman

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Back in 2018, rumblings of a new Batman film echoed across the internet as Warner Bros hobbled around to make sense of its chaotic DC Cinematic Universe. Those rumblings turned into screeches when Robert Pattinson was announced as the new caped crusader. Those screeches devolved into war cries as film “gurus” took Pattinson’s joke about not working out to become Batman a little too seriously. Then the famous first-look teaser dropped with Pattinson, decked out in his Batsuit, walking towards the screen to Michael Giacchino’s gothic score and transformed the not-so-unanimous trepidation into genuine hype. And now that the movie is out and has been watched, it’s safe to say that everyone from Reeves to Pattinson has delivered in droves.

That said, the road from Ben Affleck’s solo Batman outing aspirations to Batman fanboy Matt Reeves’s dream project wasn’t an easy one. Especially due to the major restructuring of the DCEU, salary issues, and oh, that little thing called the COVID-19 pandemic. During this process, Reeves turned to a bunch of movies and comics to co-write the script with Peter Craig. He drew heavily on comics like Batman: The Long Halloween (1996-1997) and Dark Victory (1999-2000). However, as the title suggests, this list is about Reeves’s cinematic inspirations, so we are going to limit our focus to just that. Now, some of these movies have been explicitly mentioned by Reeves. Some of them are examples that I think have influenced Reeves’s script and direction. And then there’s the vague admission by Reeves that Alfred Hitchcock’s filmography guided his hand, which I am leaving out of this list and up to your imagination.

From Zodiac to Taxi Driver, here are 11 movies that inspired Matt Reeves while making The Batman (2022):

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