Tenet ★★★★

This script feels like the remnant of Nolan's rejected pitch for James Bond (before Danny Boyle was attached and subsequently departed). And rejected rightfully so. The writing is a mess:

There is almost no story.
The characters are two-dimensional.
Every dialogue scene feels mechanical.
The editing is chaotic and inconsistent.
The women are almost non-existent and lack any sort of interiority.

Having said that, none of the above mentioned have ever been the reason to watch a Christopher Nolan film.

His films are worth watching because he's one of the greatest living directors of staging set pieces and executing high concept ideas through action. That still holds true for Tenet. I say without exaggeration or hyperbole, that some of the best action sequences of the decade can be found here.

It's absolutely insane to me that he gets to make his weird "idea movies" at the scale that he does. I don't get it, but I think the world of cinema is all the better for it.

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