• Dusk Incarnate

    Dusk Incarnate

    in terms of storytelling i think this one out of abe’s other short films is the most accessible and i prefer that, but like the others, this is still really great

  • Rubicundus


    Better trilogy then godfather

  • Luminosity


    what da turtle doing!!!!!

  • Scope


    Better then Tree of Life ✌️

  • An Oversimplification of Her Beauty

    An Oversimplification of Her Beauty


    On my flight to LA on the 18th Feb, i picked up a book at the airport just to accompany myself and distract for a little due to troubles with sleeping on planes. The book i had bought was Caleb Azumah Nelson’s Open Water, which ideally has won Costa’s Book Awards in 2021. Interestingly, i don’t tend to read books, if any at all, so this was a decision outside of my comfort zone - and i’m thankful i picked…

  • Escape Room

    Escape Room


    It was fun, thats for sure

  • Bliss



    I think this is one of the only time where i truly do not know how to review this, what i feel about it, what my thoughts are, anything regarding this movie. It’s truly puzzling and conflicting.

    This movie seems to start off really strong, and only goes downhill unfortunately in a fit of amateur acting becoming more and more visible as the movie continues ahead. Lots of little and big things to compliment in this, same as the amount…

  • Antichrist



    A-Z 1/26

    This film seems to be basing its positives on shock factor, but there’s a problem with that if the movie itself isn’t particularly interesting to where you’re disconnected from the shock itself. It doesn’t help that the editing makes it even harder to understand with its disjointedness.

    Also, there were some camera shots which really made me question the genre / seriousness. Some techniques incorporated absolutely didn’t fit the mood at all, etc the zoom ins which commonly link to The Office type comedies, so that was quite an odd choice.

  • I Lost My Body

    I Lost My Body


    I think this movie truly excels on presenting it’s main theme - being loss, of course - both literally and metaphorically, ranging from a face-value point being the movie takes place seconds after a man loses his hand, following the disconnected hand’s point of view, to the recalling of your life and all the losses of sweet memories of special people boiling down to a cassette. 

    I Lost My Body may seem a surface levelled movie about a hand trying…

  • Gnomeo & Juliet

    Gnomeo & Juliet


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Right so i was rewatching this at like 1am cause i was bored and i have a pretty serious question regarding the ending; gnomeo’s mom and juliet’s dad are pictured to be together in the final dance sequence, does that mean they’re dating? And if so, does that mean that gnomeo and juliet are siblings in law kissing each other affectionately? They’re seen to be dating soooo…

  • The Pianist

    The Pianist


    can’t really say i’d ever want to revisit this movie due to its lengthy, gritty style that also comes off pretty uninteresting for periods of time, but it’s an impressive movie with incredible historical and recounting accuracy nonetheless

  • Border



    I want to write about the strong themes displayed within this movie, like the ideology of dehumanisation and manipulation and its true philosophical definitions portrayed in this packed movie, but i can’t help and think about the insanity of the sex scene my god