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  • The House on Tombstone Hill


  • Devilfish


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  • The Sadness

    The Sadness


    Movie marathon 4/6: "The Sadness (2021)"

    After reading about how brutal this film was around the time of its German theatrical release and Capelight releasing it unrated and uncut on UHD Blu-ray, I immediately pre-ordered it and it's probably one of the best blind buys ever. It definitely lived up to its reputation in on screen depravity in practical effects and gore.

    Pretty straight-forward and thin in story which might put some people off, but to me it emphasized the…

  • Ban the Sadist Videos!

    Ban the Sadist Videos!


    History tends to repeat itself.

    Initially released on Anchor Bay's DVD box set "Box of the Banned" which included several films that were initially prosecuted in the United Kingdom as video nasties. The box set was still ironically heavily censored.

    Both included as an extra on Severin's "Night of the Demon (1980)" (it will also be included on the UK 88 films edition) and on Second Sight's and Vinegar Syndrome's limited edition Blu-ray of "Censor (2021)". It seems to be…

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  • The House on Tombstone Hill

    The House on Tombstone Hill


    Troma's "Evil Dead".

    A group of friends go renovate a spooky old house over the weekend.
    The asshole of the group called Bob, a bargain-bin version of actor Elias Koteas, desecrates a gravestone in the backyard awakening an old murderous hag's spirit. They find themselves trapped inside, terrorized by evil spirits possessing the dead. Lots of creative deaths and gory mayhem ensues in this fun low budget party flick.

    Also known under different titles: "The Road", "The Dead Come Home"…

  • Devilfish



    Lamberto Bava, director of the widely popular "Demoni" films, took a stab at a Jaws rip-off but failed to deliver with a pre-historic Octoshark yapping its teeth at the camera for 1/3rd of the film.

    The other hour was about stud Michael Sopkiw getting all the chicks and a hitman trying to keep the secret of our "DevilFish" buried by murdering everyone who threatens to come too close. Long stretches of the camera slow-zooming to "technical" equipment and scientists staring…

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  • Dark Glasses

    Dark Glasses


    Slightly better than Dario Argento's "Dracula 3D (2012)" but that isn't saying much as this late return felt more like a fan film than the real deal.

    Paying tribute to much of his earlier work both in concept, most notably "Cat O' Nine Tails (1971)" featuring another blind person/ child combination, and in the kills. If you've seen the trailer then you've seen the best bits.

    What made the older Italian films from the golden era really good were the…

  • The Northman

    The Northman


    While it won't get any high marks for its familiar story beats of vengeance, this film's strongest merits lie in its presentation and thick atmosphere.

    Such a cinematic experience with director Robert Eggers going from slow burn horror into full-fledged dark fantasy viking epic. And by Valhalla, it was glorious!

    Due to Eggers not having final cut with clear producers' instructions, after audiences were confused after test screenings, this is Eggers' most accessible film while still being satisfied with the…