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  • Jeanne Dielman, 23, Quai du Commerce 1080 Bruxelles
  • Certified Copy
  • Out 1
  • The Tall T
  • The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

TSPDT Poll List

25 films

Made this and sent it in about 15 minutes, but despite my intention to make this "just for fun," I'm…

  • Vitalina Varela
  • The Irishman
  • Uncut Gems
  • A Hidden Life
  • Bacurau


23 films

"World premieres, woefully incomplete and will be for some time."

Is what i said when I wrote this in 2019…

  • Miami Vice
  • Heat
  • Ali
  • Public Enemies
  • Manhunter

Michael Mann

11 films

Not a perfect rank. All of these movies pretty much rock in at least some capacity. Mostly the ranking of…

  • Certified Copy
  • Almayer's Folly
  • Aquarius
  • The Assassin
  • Bernie

a pair of 20s (+10) for the 10s

50 films

1 per director (see notes for any battles). Number 1 on top, the rest in alphabetical order. World premiere. Subject…

  • Animal Kingdom
  • The Arbor
  • Blue Valentine
  • Four Lions
  • Tiny Furniture

Notable Debut Features of the 2010s

118 films

Compiled by me + Twitter folk. Unranked. Open to more suggestions.

In the case of a few of these (as…

  • Two Days, One Night
  • Horse Money
  • Phoenix
  • The Mend
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel


27 films

Ongoing list of favorite films I've seen this year (by world premiere). Not meant to be an authority on the…

  • If Beale Street Could Talk
  • Support the Girls
  • Burning
  • Transit
  • The Other Side of the Wind


21 films

by world premiere.

Gonna be real light (and real American) for a while. Will update as I see more, well…

  • Twin Peaks: The Return
  • First Reformed
  • Phantom Thread
  • Lady Bird
  • Good Time


26 films

Ongoing list, organized by world premiere. Not a definitive guide, of course (list is light and will be for a…

  • A Christmas Tale
  • Kings and Queen
  • My Golden Days
  • My Sex Life... or How I Got Into an Argument
  • Esther Kahn


8 films

"The other fear I have is not giving enough to the audience. If a scene is flat, I think I…

  • Cameraperson
  • Toni Erdmann
  • Certain Women
  • Silence
  • O.J.: Made in America


28 films

Ongoing list, not meant to be an authority. No big fests for me this year (other than what I can…

  • Right Now, Wrong Then
  • Arabian Nights: Volume 1, The Restless One
  • Carol
  • Magic Mike XXL
  • Blackhat


26 films

By World Premiere. Ongoing list, prone to shuffling and reshuffling. Not the authority on the year 2015 in cinema.


  • Moonrise Kingdom
  • Holy Motors
  • Leviathan
  • Viola
  • The Master


25 films

obviously not supposed to be the authority on the year 2012 in cinema.

Arranged by world premiere.

Here ya are.…