What Time Is It There?

What Time Is It There? ★★★★

you wake up groggy and not wanting to open your eyes. your first thought is how comfortable your pillow is. your second thought is how hard the day is going to be to get through.

you’ve managed to pull yourself away from the comfort of sleep to make some food. you feed your fish too. you talk to him for a while and it makes you feel a little bit less alone.

work is normal today because every day is the same. selling watches to countless, nameless faces and you don’t care. except this one face stands out from the rest. she takes the watch from your wrist and now you can’t get it out of your head.

paris is on your mind. you don’t know the city and you don’t know the girl but its the first time you’ve felt anything since you’ve lost your father. so you let this thought take over and fill that lonely void.

you stare at your watch alone in a dark room. it’s 6 hours earlier in paris - same time it was when you sold that watch. you wonder how she’s doing.

paris is large. you look around at the buildings and the people and feel small and alone. so you just walk with no goals in mind and try to clear your head.

you seek comfort in the arms of another woman. she doesn’t love you but maybe for a little bit you can just pretend.

you glance at the watch you bought far from here and remember the man you bought it from. you wonder how he’s doing.

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