• The Story of the Faithful Wookiee

    The Story of the Faithful Wookiee


    The best part of the abysmal Star Wars Holiday Special

    Boba Fett being a buddy for 10 minutes. I love that The Book of Boba Fett brought back the classic riding on the monster moment from this short. 

    “He just didn’t smell right”

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  • Oldboy



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Just when you think this film is truly fucked, they had ten more layers to it. 

    Park Chan-wook is an utter genius. After enjoying Decision to Leave last year, I knew I had to come back to see this masterpiece. Oldboy is one of the greatest revenge movies of all time. Choi Min-sik is extremely badass, Yoo Ji-tae is an intriguing villain, and Kang Hye-jung is very cute. The mystery is awesome, the editing is unique, and the reveals are…

  • Mad Hot Ballroom

    Mad Hot Ballroom


    These kids are better dancers than I’ll ever be lol. 

    This Nickelodeon produced documentary gives insight into an awesome public school dance program held in NYC. It teaches the kids about hard work, competition, and getting out of your comfort zone. It’s hilarious to watch them struggle to make eye contact and talk about their crushes. The doc is pretty drawn out for what it is but it’s still cool to see the kids grow. 

    “We don’t know what’s hidden inside each child until we open it up”

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  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place


    Just live by the freaking waterfall PLEASE

    John Krasinski’s love letter to his family is a unique take on the horror genre with incredible intensity. I’m a big fan of Krasinski and his wife, Emily Blunt. They are both so talented and give awesome performances here alongside some solid child acting. The silence can be BRUTAL at times but it’s paired perfectly with Oscar nominated sound editing. You wouldn’t think this film would require an amazing script but it definitely…

  • Joy Ride

    Joy Ride


    At least Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are still trying at the raunchy R-rated comedy genre. I appreciate it. 

    Joy Ride is a mixed bag of some jokes that hit and many that don’t. It’s got the Bridesmaids and The Hangover feel to it, told through a new perspective. Some of the raunch is pretty extreme for sure.  

    Ashley Park is cute as the goodie two shoes, Sherry Cola is fun as the troublemaker, and Stephanie Hsu is all…

  • Moonstruck



    Italians hanging around NYC is one of the best genres ever. 

    While this film didn’t necessarily live up to the hype for me, it’s still a well-written look into the lives of these people. John Patrick Shanley’s Oscar winning script flies through the relationships of the characters. I love a story that has plenty of woven in interactions between groups. The pace is pretty fast so I don’t feel as invested in every one of the people though. The tone…

  • Fletch



    Fletch is one of my favorite characters ever and Chevy Chase perfectly embodies him. 

    Chase basically just plays himself for 90 minutes and is iconic. The Magic jersey, the sarcasm, and the quick-wit lies are awesome. This film is one of my dad’s favorites as he was a private investigator so this rewatch is full of nostalgia for me. The score is so much fun and has such a real 80’s feel. The LA vibes are also great. 

    Dana Wheeler-Nicholson…

  • Babette's Feast

    Babette's Feast


    Food is my love language too, Babette. 

    Warning: don’t watch this movie on an empty stomach. The late 19th century Danish production design is very good in this quiet, religious tale. The story is pretty drawn out which makes the pace suffer but the interconnected nature of the characters is cool and the performances from Stéphane Audran, Bodil Kjer, and Birgitte Federspiel are convincing. 

    The beginning is okay as the dudes try to get with the preacher’s daughters but Babette’s…

  • Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter

    Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter


    Hayley Atwell is one sexy badass. 

    This Marvel short has some good production design and solid action. I always love a Howard Stark cameo (especially when he’s being a smug asshole) and the bikini invention end credits scene is funny. 

    “Learn to count”

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  • The

    The "Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me!" Musical


    I miss when DVDs were fun. 

    Monsters, Inc. was one of my favorite movies as a child so it’s fun to revisit this banger. Billy Crystal is a legend.

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  • Theater Camp

    Theater Camp


    A mockumentary about theater kids? And I enjoyed it? 

    This movie is a quirky and sweet tale full of solid characters. It’s predictable but the writing is still fun and the film looks great. It feels like an A24 movie almost. 

    The best part of the movie is the fully committed and weird cast. Jimmy Tatro is an EXCELLENT bro and I relate to him being out of place in the theater world. He’s much funnier in this than in…

  • The Truman Show

    The Truman Show


    The biggest glitch in the simulation. 

    Peter Weir and screenwriter Andrew Niccol build an awesome story for Truman. The commentary on advertising placement is my favorite thing to come out of this viewing. It’s also funny to watch this in relation to films like Barbie and reality TV. The overcoming-your-fear theme is perfect for the fictional world surrounding this character. 

    Jim Carrey is incredibly good at losing his mind and Laura Linney is great as a frustrating villain. 

    The light…