Zodiac ★★★★★

I unknowingly rewatched this almost exactly 3 years after my original watch, which was on 11/11/2017. 
And you know a movie is good when it’s been years since you’ve seen it yet it was so engrained in your head that it call came flooding back after starting it but it was still a great experience rewatching. 

And wow I cannot imagine the paranoia people must have felt at that time. I’d have moved if I had been living in Cali at that time. 

One thing that always impresses me about Fincher movies is the level of detail. Being allowed to smoke on the airplane at that time. The Dirty Harry poster in the theater lobby. The noir-styled music employed from time to time. Just to name some of the many examples. Really elevates his films to another level. 

The soundtrack in this was phenomenal. Dug the song choice in the opening and at one point he used a Santana song which you can never go wrong with. I also really like when movies open and close with the same song. 

Also, shout out the legend Phillip Baker Hall. 

And I know they didn’t have the technology we have today but the lack of coordination among the different police departments was astounding. 

Overall, this is a masterfully executed crime thriller with excellent performances from its lead actors. Talk about making a slow burn type movie work to its full extent.

Fincher, Ranked
Still #1 on my list after rewatch! 

The fact that I remembered everything that was coming and still enjoyed this just as much makes this a pretty solid candidate for my All-Time Favorites

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