The Godfather: Part III

The Godfather: Part III ★★★★½

But the higher up I go, the more crooked it becomes.

The drop off between the first two installations and this one felt significant yet this is still a part of The Godfather trilogy and deserves respect as such. 

I enjoyed the sweeping shots in the opening scene and the display of Michael’s struggle with his immediate family vs crime family, even flashing back to having Fredo killed. 

I thought the old-man makeup on Pacino early in the movie was a bit much, a la Tom Cruise in Collateral (not sure if that’s a hot take or not). But to me it seemed to not be as noticeable as the movie went on. 

I love how these movies begin with Italian parties that have singing and dancing with family dealings going on in the background. 

It was neat seeing a young Andy Garcia flourish but this didn’t feel right without Robert Duvall. 

Early in the movie when Keaton & Pacino are arguing about their son & Pacino sits down but the lighting makes it look like he’s seating himself into shadows. That stuck out as brilliant to me. 

Not gonna lie, that whole incest thing and how nonchalant that was really weirded me out. 

I like how the backdrop for all that bloodshed in the end was an opera. The last death was truly heartbreaking though. 

Watching Al Pacino on screen will never get old for me. Almost always love what he does.

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