Margot at the Wedding

Margot at the Wedding ★★★★

Damn, as much as I wanna call Baumbach a one trick pony as a joke, he sure writes the hell out of family dramas. Also reminded me a bit of Jonathan Demme’s Rachel Getting Married in terms of dysfunctional family movies centered around a wedding. But this one had that distinct snappy back & forth dialogue you see in Baumbach movies, another really well-written movie by him. 

One thing I enjoyed about the construction of this movie is how every actor was given their moments to shine individually in a given scene. Leigh, Kidman, & Black all stole the screen at different points in the movie without every overpowering the rest of the cast. Really my only complaint was a lot of scenes felt too darkly lit (which could’ve been due to where I was watching this). 

Initially, I didn’t like how abrupt the ending was. But as I thought about it and how it fit within the movie, it struck me as fitting.

Noah Baumbach, Ranked (#3/5) 

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