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The 11s: Chicano Film

Mexican-Americans make up 11.2% of the United States population. Despite this, movies documenting the Chicano experience in America are relatively few and far between, as part of a more generalized phenomenon of low visibility for ethnic minorities in US filmmaking. Oscar might be a little less white, but he's also got room for some shades of brown in between.

Blacklisted figures in Hollywood figure prominently in early films, befitting the close relationship between Chicano identity movements, leftist politics and organized labor. Activists like Luis Valdez soon established a directorial voice for Latinos in the late 70s/early 80s, helping to launch the careers of visible Mexican-American figures like Edward James Olmos. Gregory Nava, Cheech Marin, Michael Peña are all good guys…

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  • The Lawless
  • Salt of the Earth
  • Alambrista!
  • Zoot Suit
  • Born in East L.A.
  • Mi Vida Loca
  • My Family
  • Walkout
  • Los bastardos
  • East Side Sushi
  • Ana Maria in Novela Land