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  • Sabrina
  • The Young Girls of Rochefort
  • A Woman Is a Woman
  • Ball of Fire

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  • Scream 4


  • Miller's Girl


  • Pan's Labyrinth


  • Strawberry Shortcake in Big Apple City

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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    “and if, in some distant place in the future, we see each other in our new lives. i will smile at you with joy, and remember how we spent a summer beneath the trees, learning from each other and growing in love.” ₊˚⊹

    — i’m crying so much right now :’) in my memories la la land wasn’t that good, but how wrong i was. every scene is soo iconic. ♥︎

    (hard to believe that this movie is from 2016, i swear i thought it was from 2020s, i guess time just pass soo fast.)

Recent reviews

  • Scream 4

    Scream 4


    i mean, what am i supposed to do? go to college? grad school? work? 𐙚 ₊˚⊹ 

    this is the best scream movie and only my opinion matters haha — jill is only mine !

  • Miller's Girl

    Miller's Girl


    ugh i hate it so much! this movie feels like it was made by some old dude who likes young girls, but for my surprise it was made by a woman. 

    such a short movie but seemed like it was over 2 hours. it was so cringe that felt like i was reading a wattpad fanfiction, and not the good ones. they were trying so much to make everything sound poetic and smart but it was just cringe.

    i know…

Popular reviews

  • Anyone But You

    Anyone But You


    i left the movie theater straight to the gym cause sidney’s body was soo amazing ୭₊˚⊹

    it was a good romcom ! my expectations were very low so it wasn’t that hard to impress me. — i thought they would have a lot more chemistry but the jokes were good and everyone loves an enemies to lovers plot‪ ‪‪❤︎‬

    (still debating which rate i should give but for now i will keep it this way)

  • Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

    Gentlemen Prefer Blondes


    if a girl spends time worrying about the money she doesn’t have how will she have time for love? ୭₊˚⊹