Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl ★★★½

Watched for Film Club.

“Piracy might not be so bad after all”

This is one of those movies that I’ve always wanted to watch, but never really had a good reason to. Nobody around me (aside from maybe my siblings) ever really talked about them, and it seemed like it was just a really repetitive series. Hell, my sister walked in on me watching it, and seemed very “been there, done that” about the series as a whole. It’s strange how a series with that much popularity has become forgettable and drawn out to those who previously loved it. I predict the marvel films will take this route eventually as well when people eventually grow out of them. 

It’s definitely not bad. It’s a large epic with some really impressive scenes, iconic music, fun characters and settings, and an interesting texture overall. I really dug the CGI too, thought it looked gritty and perfect for “ghost pirates”.  It doesn’t really go above and beyond as a whole, and I think it does go on for a bit too long, but it does what it does well enough that it’s hard to complain.

I don’t think I’d ever rewatch it though. Maybe background, but I probably wouldn’t give my full attention to it again. That being said, I’d love to watch the sequels, and if you get me for Secret Cinema, feel free to just slap those sequels on my lap if you can’t think of anything. As for this one, it’s a film of it's time, with some fun moments, but very much a one time experience for me I think. Solid to strong 7!

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