Pig ★★★★

For as wacky as the premise sounds, I applaud Pig for being A. The best thing I’ve seen out of 2021 so far, and B. A genuinely fantastic character drama. I didn’t exactly know where it was going for the first third, and there’s a couple scenes that I’d consider out of place once you get the full picture, but aside from a few hiccups, Pig is a great film. 

Nicolas Cage seriously dissolved into this role, I hardly even remembered it was him during most of the run. Plus to have a character this out of place and dead set on a mission in so many different environments was always a great joke on it’s own. It speaks volumes for the performance and the comedic timing when the audience and I would start laughing our asses off every time he’d start a conversation with “I’m looking for my pig!”

Again, great flick, definitely the best thing I’ve seen all year. And it’s a short ride too; extremely fulfilling in the right areas as well. Solid 8!

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