I Killed My Mother

I Killed My Mother ★★★★½

“You can’t talk to your mother like that!”

Was not expecting to love this one as much as I did, but god damn this hit me hard at parts. A lot of it has to do with the character of Hubert, his relationship with his mother, and his (what I think is) borderline personality disorder. I’ve never seen this mental disorder done in a film before at all, and I think it’s portrayed perfectly here. I have a family member with this mental handicap, and Xavier Dolan’s performance was so convincing, I was pretty close to crying at certain points from how real it all felt.

Not only that, but Hubert’s character is pretty relatable regardless. Everyone has had scuffles with their parents on issues big and small, to the point where you might just throw out an “I hate you!” so carelessly, ignoring how something like that might feel for the other party. I think this is why Lady Bird was so critically acclaimed, and I believe I Killed My Mother hits a certain niche with me on more levels than just that.

The film has a unique gleam to it as well. The shot composition is usually just two people standing/sitting from the chest up as they talk to each other, but they like to switch it up with an interesting angle every now and then, keeping it fresh in my opinion. It’s subtle, but tasteful. It feels a lot less intrusive than Mommy’s crunched aspect ratio, which I have mixed feelings on.

I do think the film’s last act has some aimless bits that detract from the experience as a whole, and there’s some odd editing choices here and there, but aside from that, this film was brilliant to me. I think I’ll potentially love this one more on a rewatch, and I hope it hits me even harder than it did tonight. Light to solid 9!

“Isn’t it illegal for students and teachers to hang out?
Not as much as killing your mother...”

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