American Psycho

American Psycho ★★★★½

"You look good today Mr. Bateman!
Never wear that outfit again Jean."

I originally watched this for the first time in high school, and thought it was fantastic. Now that i'm a bit older, I can appreciate the PHENOMENAL writing and acting on display here. The character study of Patrick Bateman is brilliant, and explores such topics as toxic masculinity and self-importance to an extreme level.

I will say, the first half is a lot stronger than the second. Not that the second half is bad, but the first is packed with some iconic scenes, like the business card scene. And who could forget the "Huey Lewis and the News" part?! (with the only performance by Jared Leto I could call good!) I'd consider those scenes to be perfect, and some of my favorite scenes of all time. The second half is just missing some of that charm that's ever so present in the first.

Overall, a fantastic film that's well worth it's cult status! I do think some of the humor was lost on me when I was younger, so I'm happy to experience it once again properly. It does feel like the pacing drags slightly in the latter half, but it's mostly forgivable. Besides, I could listen to Bateman give pretentious music takes for days. Strong 8 to a light 9!

Where are you going?
I need to return some video tapes...

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