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  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

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    The Beach That Makes You Old

    Absolute nonsense, but incredibly entertaining nonsense. I get the metaphor, I get the worries about your parents slipping away and life passing you by, but much of this is executed so poorly that it barely registers. Just listen to Father and Son by Cat Stevens (or the Johnny Cash cover).

    Parts of this are very poorly shot or edited, but not necessarily both at the same time or even all the time. No-one is…

  • But I'm a Cheerleader

    But I'm a Cheerleader


    The visual gags in the film are just incredible, pretty much every shot contains some joke. It's such a funny film.

    Conversion therapy is awful and cruel and the film is clear about that. However, it's also so stupid it's almost impossible to interact with it on its own terms, which is why this film works so well. You can't do anything but take this piss out of it. It's so ridiculous.

    The film is fun in the way the…

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  • Morbius


    I have been #morbiblessed to see this #morbibrilliant #morbimovie

    This is incompetent to a staggering degree. It's funny when it's meant to be scary, it's silly when it's meant to be serious, the genuine lack of self-awareness with this makes for a fantastic time.

    I think only 65% of this was filmed. There's a clear effort to fix this in the edit - lines lead into each other with no rhyme or reason, there are hard cuts in scenes that…

  • The Banshees of Inisherin

    The Banshees of Inisherin


    A microcosm of the Irish Civil War and an examination of the pointless misery and pain of conflict. Tragic and less funny (although there are some admittedly hilarious bits) than other McDonough work, it’s the most mature work - while his other work ultimately condemns violence, there’s also certain glee to seeing the characters go around wreaking havoc. Here nothing (aside from one very well deserved punch) elicits quite the same reaction, which is the point.  Colin Farrell and Brendan…