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I don't get the mediocre reviews for this movie. I get if they were saying the movie was ok but not so mediocre its bad. For me The Little Things is one of my favorite genres set in the 90s with one of my favorite actors of all time in Denzel Washington. Clearly I had high hopes for this movie even with the mediocre reviews I was still excited. And it lived up the hype for the most part.

The performances are all great Denzel being my favorite of course and Jared Leto was really good as well. I thought he was great at playing the kind off weirdo. Rami Malek was good for the most part. Overall I enjoyed him in the role but there were some scenes were he felt miscast but overall he was good.

And the directing was really good for this movie. The cinematography is really good and the score is definitely a standout. It adds so much to certain scenes and adds a lot of tension through the movie. And the overall mystery worked really well and so did Joe Deacons backstory as it was just as interesting as the main story. But the directing added so much to the movie and the Zodiac style murder scenes which are never really shown but the two that we get remind me a lot of Zodiac. And those were some of the best parts of the movie.

For me the ending wasn't as satisfying as I wanted it to be. When the movie ended I felt myself wanting more and wishing they took a different approach instead of trying to stand out. I can't say it ruined the movie for me and it was fine enough but I really wish they chose a different ending. And theres a thirty minute section in the first hour of the movie that drags a little bit. It quickly picks back up for me in the second hour but that thirty minutes could've been paced better.

But overall I really enjoyed the movie. It has great directing and three great leads. While the ending wasn't the best and there was a chunk of the movie that slowed down too much, I still really enjoyed the movie overall. And the score is easily the best scores of the year so far. Definitely worth a watch on HBOmax.

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