In the Heights

In the Heights ★★★★

Grade: ✅

“A dream isn’t some sparkly diamond we get. Sometimes, it’s rough. And it’s not so pretty.

In The Heights is honestly not a film I was looking forward to. I wasn’t dreading it but it didn’t seem like I would like it. But once I found it was modern Hamilton and started watching it, I realized I was actually going to like it, and I did. This movie blew past my expectations. It’s not amazing, it’s a bit overlong but the songs are so fun and the characters were great. The movie is also pretty well paced as the runtime doesn’t feel that long even though it is. The songs helped but I was surprised that I didn’t get annoyed with how many songs there were. 

The characters and performances were a standout (besides the music) as I found myself really enjoying them. I liked to be in this world and with these people and the writing helped them out a lot as well. I really liked the lead and there wasn’t a bad character. Except I didn’t love Lin Manuel Mirandan. Seeing Hamilton be a ice cream man wasn’t great. The directing was super fun and the music numbers were great. In The Heights won’t blow you away if your were anticipating this. But any skeptics should consider check this out as it exceeded my expectations and was a super fun time.

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