Fear Street: 1978

Fear Street: 1978 ★★★½

Grade: 👍🏻

“We all have our way of dealing with Shadyside”

Fear Street part two is a big step up for me. I love camp slashers and this delivered on everything I love from that genre. They capture 1978 and the camp slasher vibe way better than they did 1994. This movie is just badass and I had so much fun with it. The killer is brutal. I liked seeing some background for him as he was my favorite villain from the first film. I wish he had the mask on during more of the movie but overall he was great. The kills are also brutal and awesome. They keep the no one is safe rule they had in the first film and I love that idea. Most kills are with an axe but they all feel brutal and different enough that I had fun with them.

The rest of the characters are decent. I liked the two main sisters, a lot more than our lead in the first film. And sherrif good was a fun character but besides that no one really stood out. They all felt like people that are just going to get killed. Which is a trope of the genre and it didn’t bother me that much but it would’ve been nice to have some more likable characters. For my negatives I only have two. The first one is the stuff in the cave was unnecessary. I was having so much fun outside the cave and then every time we went back to the cave it slowed down and I just wanted to go back to the surface.

Also the other girl besides the sister that’s in the cave with her it annoying. I didn’t like her character or the actress that played her. And it would’ve been better if she got recast but her character is necessary. Overall Fear Street 1978 is a awesome camp slasher. I have my negatives but it doesn’t take away from how much fun I had with it. I am honestly shocked at the mixed reviews because the first act flies by and didn’t drag at all for me. I’m super invested in this story and I can’t wait to watch the third movie wrap it all up. Also I hated where the hand was, it was so stupid.

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