Bullitt ★★★½

Grade: 👍🏻

“You sell whatever you want, but don’t sell it here tonight”

Bullit is a movie I hadn’t heard much about until my Grandpa came to visit. He wanted to watch it with me and I found myself having fun with it. It certainly is a very 60s movie but there’s still some nostalgia for these types of movies in that era despite me being born at least 40 years later. Bullit had quite a bit more fun action sequences than expected even if they do feel a tad dated. The famous car chase was easily the highlight. Seeing two beautiful cars in a high speed pursuit in San Francisco was super fun. While that was great the final pursuit on foot at the airport was pretty disappointing. There’s no music and it’s just Steve McQueen chasing the villain for about ten minutes and it goes on way too long. Besides that I had fun with the action even if it’s dated.

I did really like Steve McQueens characters as well. Steve gives a solid performance and his character is really cool. His attitude was a ton of fun to watch and made for some funny moments with Calmers who is such a pain in the ass. The direction here is solid but the effects do feel quite dated as I’ve said. But it doesn’t bother me much as it I enjoy that style of filmmaking from the 60s and 70s. Bullit definitely won’t win over any non action fans but if you wanna see a cool car chase and one of the coolest action characters from the 60s then check it out. It wasn’t as bad as I was thinking it would be.

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