Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas ★★★★½

fuck it, this is going in my top 5. this is THE ultimate acid trip of a film. it’s a psychedelic and dreamy film, with 2 incredible main characters played perfectly by benicio del toro and johnny depp. yeah this film is fucking hilarious. it’s genius writing and so incredibly funny. just utter chaotic brilliance. it’s so crazy and such a wild and chaotic ride that’s filled with some insane drugs, wich cause some wild side effects and wow this film is so brilliant in it’s showcase of the effect the drugs has on the characters and how truly crazy they go. this film really makes you the viewer feel stoned out of your mind by watching these insane flashes of things happening. just the ultimate drug trip in 70s las vegas and that just contributes to make the film so fucking fun to watch and an acid trip that you will never forget. psychedelic masterpiece.


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