Favorite films

  • Welcome to the Dollhouse
  • Gone Girl
  • Alien
  • Citizen Ruth

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  • Slumber Party Massacre


  • Halloween Kills


  • A Classic Horror Story


  • Night of the Demons 2


Recent reviews

  • Slumber Party Massacre

    Slumber Party Massacre

    Danishka Esterhazy heard me every time I watched a girl get naked in an 80s slasher and said "It would be better if this was a guy"

  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills

    David Gordon Green stuffed a Halloween candy bag full of bricks and swung it blindly across a room full of contradictory tones. Among them: slasher, comedy, grief drama, and mean-spirited exploitation. Despite its muddied take on mob justice and vigilantism, Judy Greer at least gets to shine as a sensitive but strong presence at the center of chaos, and Andi Matichak is fabulous as the trilogy's budding final girl. Probably the best Michael mask of the series as well.

Popular reviews

  • The Thing

    The Thing


    An experience beyond comparison, to witness its sheer brilliance is humbling. I am of course talking about Kurt Russell's hair and beard

  • Slumber Party Massacre III

    Slumber Party Massacre III

    Essentially a remake of the first movie without any of its humour or the sequel's wild creativity. It does go to some surprisingly dark, intense places towards the end. The close relationship between sexuality and violence, a theme the first two movies danced around, is stated much more directly here, and the killer being a young, handsome all American boy next door is creepily prescient. These themes would have landed harder in a better movie but neither the writer or director have much to say beyond "drill goes brrr".

    Also, why did that one guy die from just being hit in the face lmao?