Mirror ★★★★

Now this is a bit more confusing...

The Mirror is said to be Tarkovsky's most personal film, and some might even call it autobiographical. It is yet another Tarkovsky film that immediately brings the audience somewhere else, but it is a film much harder to grasp. If you felt that Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life felt unconventional, wait till you see this one.

The first word that comes to mind describing this film is memory. To me it all felt like someone's past was being told and described, but in such a drastically different way that either you fall out and lose concentration or you get completely glued to the happenings. To me, it didn't really grab me too much emotionally. It was like a mirror of someone's past, just not mine.

That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it, though. I don't know how he does it, but he in some way makes me think way more philosophical, and demands you to ask the really big questions. The questions we can never get an answer to, but we still keep asking them. But the difference between Solaris and this one is that I'm not really sure what to ask. In Solaris, some of the themes were a little bit more clear and they were easier to relate to, but in The Mirror it is told in such a different manner that I can't really find any main themes. Not that there has to be one, but it certainly makes the first viewing a lot harder to get anything from.

And like I've gotten a bit used to now, the cinematography is stunning. Of course, I enjoyed the colour scenes more, but the black-white visuals are also great. I'm not sure why he did that, but through the film I felt that time wasn't essential to what was being told, and maybe it is supposed to signify this.

I think you gotta help me a little more on this one, guys.

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