• Squid Game

    Squid Game


    It's worth all the hype and appreciation it has been getting.
    It will disturb you to the core and makes u question your beliefs.
    It's a delight for audiences and masterclass for filmmakers in so many aspects.

  • Gladiator



    Hans Zimmer astounding music made me to watch entire credits ❤️
    Gladiator is an epic that will stand the test of time !

  • No Country for Old Men

    No Country for Old Men


    Be it fargo or no country for Old men , Coen brothers are masters in portraying the fucked up world and its people .

  • 12 Years a Slave

    12 Years a Slave


    It will rip your heart apart and tear you into pieces 💔
    I cannot even imagine being a slave let alone being one 💔💔
    Humans are surely a cancer to this planet.
    One of the most important films ever ❤️

  • Gandhi



    Huge respect to Richard Attenborough for making film on one of the greatest personalities ever .
    When asked Gandhi Ji on whether
    non violence resistance work even with Hitler !
    Gandhi ji : Ofcourse, but Not without pain or death ..but aren't we experiencing pain and death with war ?
    I ask everyone to watch this film so that you will come to know more about MAHATMA and what he truly fought for .
    Sad thing is that the man…

  • The Guilty

    The Guilty


    A decent and Very minimalistic film from jake Gyllenhaal and Antoine Fuqua ( director of Training day )

  • Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring

    Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring


    Production design was excellent Nd could never forget those stunning visuals ♥️

  • 3-Iron



    Wow, absolutely loved the direction and characterizations .
    3 iron is all about love in the silence ♥️

  • Dallas Buyers Club

    Dallas Buyers Club


    Matthew McConaughey at his ultimate best and Editing was phenomenal ♥️

  • 300



    Goosebumps Guaranteed ♥️

  • The Walk

    The Walk


    Aren't all Artists somewhat anarchists ♥️
    Some people choose adventurous life and we can't help but appreciate their passion and audacity .

  • Get Out

    Get Out


    One of the most mind bending and innovative films ever ♥️
    Rascism is a state of mind and jordon peele portrayed it in the most unique ways possible.
    Jordon peele proved that irrespective of budget, social understanding and vision is enough make a great film .