Casino Royale

Casino Royale ★★★★★

(Bond #21 of 24)

Somehow, despite seeing this multiple times. I've not logged it on here before?!

We worked our Bond rewatch out so that this we saw via Secret Cinema. It was good fun to dress up, sip a drink and try a mission, followed by watching this on the big screen for the first time for me.

Prior to this, I had never cared for the Bond films, I just hadn't been interested. My Dad got me to give this a go and it's just great, even now. A whole new direction for Bond and Daniel Craig is outstanding. He feels like a real, fleshed out person and definitely his own Bond.

Add in some classic set pieces that had a modern twist, a more gritty feel to it all and a proper villain and this is the whole package. It has my favourite Bond song too.

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