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  • Love Letter

    Love Letter



    Warm, tender and bittersweet. Explores loss and memory in a pretty unique way. It has bit of a rough start and is little unfocused at times but when it settles into the proper letters exchanging and the flashbacks it was quite good, also the ending is great. Story is tad coincidental and cheesy but the way Iwai told it made the film very charming. Cinematography is stunning, it captures the snowy winter landscapes simply but gorgeously. Miho Nakayama is…

  • How to Be Loved

    How to Be Loved



    (I have no fucking idea)

    This was a rather bland effort from Has. It looked interesting on paper but overall it left me cold. The use of flashback was quite nice though and Barbara Krafftówna is great in the lead role.

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  • The Fifth Seal

    The Fifth Seal



    Holy fucking shit. A morality play of the highest order. It was really criminal of me to give it 3½ the first time. This is an absolute work of art. First 45 minutes are quite possibly the greatest first act I've seen in any film. Also the final act is also one of the best I've seen. I know I'm coming back to it again soon because I'm sure I'll love it even more next time. Seriously what a fucking film.

  • Au Hasard Balthazar

    Au Hasard Balthazar



    Bleak, powerful, depressing. As Godard aptly put it, this film is the world in an hour and a half. The donkey gives one of the best performances of all time.