Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 ★★★★½

I never quite understood the negativity surrounding this film. I guess it’s ironic that the film most criticized in the trilogy would be the one where Raimi’s idiosyncrasies as a filmmaker are the most apparent. It’s often called messy, clunky, indulgent, bloated, etc. None of this ever came across poorly for me as I tended to view it as necessary for the thematically stacked climax this ultimately was. Always had I been left struggling to form the words to articulate why exactly so much of it works and justify why I viewed it confidently as equal in quality to the first in the trilogy if not better. Really wish Raimi got one more of these outta him. I love these characters and this (at the time) self contained world.

Link to a better review that properly articulates why I love it.


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