Pig ★★★★½

Welp, wasn't prepared to cry at a movie called Pig, but here we are, 2021! It's hard for me to not see father/son relationships in movies these days, so when they're specifically there, it hits me hard. And I wasn't prepared for it, not from a Nicolas Cage movie with a John Wick trailer. But the pace at which this movie subverts your expectations matches the pace at which the tone shifts from violent revenge thriller to beautiful character drama, the pace at which the cinematography crisps and brightens, the pace at which Cage's Rob reenters a city life he long ago forsook, the pace at which everyone grapples with trauma they've worked so hard to suppress. Michael Sarnoski accentuates every moment of his spare screenplay with directorial patience and knockout performances from his cast. (Seriously, put Alex Wolff in fucking everything.) I didn't expect to love this and to be so moved by it. But boy did I. Go see it.

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