Roma ★★★★

So it's been like over a week since I watched Roma on Netflix but the letterboxd services have litteally been run by a potato, but I've also been too tired and busy to write this review ... but now finally here we go!

Since I've had a while to think and reflect about this movie, several images and story points and characters have been imprinted in my mind. I've been thinking about the children, Cleo and the landscapes. The streets and people feel so human. Dogs barking, buzzing noises from the cars and the laughs of children. The stillness is so calming. The waves of the water, the fields, the spectacle of going to the cinema and the pulsating streets. The beauty and harshness of the everyday life and the extraordinary. New friendship, the innocence of childhood, heartbreaks and new horizons. Timeless topics but done so beautiful. Minimalism at its finest but the subjects are so grand that it rinses over you with emotions. Hidden social commentary woven in a subtle but authentic way.

The black and white colors just adds the stillness and timelessness to the movie. Everything feels like distant memory and a moment or a relfection in time. The past and the future. I will be thinking of this movie alot.

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