Encanto ★★★★

Maybe your gift is being in denial?

As someone who grew up being a huge Disney fanatic and who is an even bigger one now, I think this has been the best year for Disney movies we've had in a long time with the release of Luca, Encanto, and Raya and the last dragon. All three are so different and can stand on their own. I would rank them Luca > Encanto > Raya, but all of them are so great.

I think the visuals in Encanto are so stunning. I really wish I could have seen this at the cinemas, because the visuals are just so breathtaking. And I absolutely love all of the songs, they are so good. And I love how the whole message of the film is familial love.

Only thing I would criticize Encanto on is that out of all the Disney movies that we've gotten, this did feel like a mashup of a bunch of films that we've gotten before. Encanto reminded me so much of them all. But I don't care, I want to rewatch this again already.

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