"'Your Highness' was the man whose blood I spilled to take this crown."

I knew right when I started this and heard Billy Porter narrating the opening that this film would be extremely cringey.

The only thing I liked about this film was that they used modern-day music within this musical. The first song is one of my favorite songs by Des'ree. I feel like more of the film should have been like the ball musical number, which should have been even more lavish. And I really wanted more musical numbers, especially by Idina Menzel, and less so Lin Manuel Miranda rip-offs. I was disappointed that Minnie Driver didn't really have any big musical numbers. And I really don't like the ending song Let's Get Loud.

I also think the writers totally forgot that the prince was supposed to be the only one that could recognize Cinderella in her dress with the Queen Tatiana scene in the end. So, that was just forgetful, bad writing.

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