Another Round

Another Round ★★★½

What is youth? A dream. What is love? The content of the dream.

This is the last Oscar film that I'm watching until the Oscars and I'm quite relieved, because watching all these was just not fun this year. The only Oscar nominated films I really enjoyed were Minari, The Father, and Ma Rainey's Black Bottom... with a side of Trial of Chicago 7, since my feelings for that have dulled down since watching it.

First off, Mads should have been nominated for Best Actor over Gary Oldman in Mank. He gives a better portrayal of alcoholism and Gary Oldman's performance was just not worthy of a nomination. And Mads just gives one of the best performances of the year by an actor.

And I don't really understand why this film was nominated for Best Director. I would have given that to Regina King instead.

But besides Mads, I wasn't too interested in the other characters. He really is amazing in it and the best part. I did like how they say that alcohol abuse has different effects on different people, but besides that, I didn't love the writing. A lot of things rubbed me the wrong way. And the ending seemed like everything happened too fast.

But Mads is *chef's kiss* and his character deserved better.

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